A Video Intro to Image & Video Quality Assessment

Recently my fellow students and I were asked to prepare videos to help promote the various master’s thesis topics available in our research group. Usually we promote the topics with (probably boring) Powerpoint presentations, so this was an interesting opportunity.

Still, I was initially annoyed that I had to take time out of my already very busy week to do this, and it was time-consuming — but I had so much fun developing and preparing the video that I would definitely do it again!

My research is on image and video quality assessment methods, so that’s the topic of the video. Watch it for yourself and leave a comment if you find it interesting or informative. One person reported issues with the volume of the music, so I’d be interested on your feedback on the music levels. The first 10 seconds are a bit boring, but it gets better after the title slide, so keep watching! 😉

Ironically, the video was prepared and recorded in Powerpoint. I added the music track afterwards with another program. Thanks to my colleagues Benhur Ortiz and Ljiljana Platiša for their feedback on draft versions and for providing some of the materials in the video.


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