An Abnormal Flu

sickIn the abnormal spirit of this blog, this short post is about abnormal (atypical) flu symptoms.

I’ve been dragging around the house for over a week, feeling like I’m almost about to come down with a really bad case of the flu, but not quite. I have many of the main symptoms: shivering and chills without fever, aches, and severe fatigue, as well as high heart rate, swollen lymph nodes, and feeling generally crappy enough to visit the doctor (and sleep all day), but I haven’t had any of the respiratory symptoms.

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Nov 24 = N24 Awareness Day

Today is N24 Awareness Day

N24 Awareness Day 2014N24, or Non24, is a neurological and circadian rhythm disorder (CRD) in which your internal clock is on a cycle longer than 24 hours.

N24 effectively means you go to bed and wake up later one or more hours every day. Although most people with N24 are blind, there are sighted people with N24 too!

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